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About Rosie

Rosie has loved art and dance from a very young age. Growing up in the late 60’s she travelled extensively with her family across South East Asia, Europe and the UK, her father being a serviceman in the Royal Air Force.

Travelling exposed her to different cultures and traditions, an early memory is  remembering the beautifully coloured batik style clothes made for her by a local tailor when living in Malaysia.

Rosie drew and danced continuously as she grew up, and, in the early 80’s she auditioned and gained a place at The Rambert School of Ballet in London, she was awarded a diploma in dance and choreography, and also gained ‘O’ level Ballet, Art and History of Art.

Rosie worked for many years as a professional contemporary dancer, teacher and choreographer nationally and internationally including Koblenz Ballet Company, La Scala  - Milan, The Monet Theatre - Brussels, The Royal Opera House, English National Opera London, Glyndebourne Opera House and with Matthew Bourne as a member of Adventures in Motion Pictures.

Rosie has lived in the south west for sixteen years and produced dance and visual art projects in a wide variety of contexts, including Tread and Thread a collaborative performance and exhibition delivered by a company of visual artists, musicians, dancers and poets at The Tamar Valley Centre, Gunnislake Cornwall.

During the COVID lockdowns Rosie was able to devote time to drawing and painting, something she has long wanted to do and over the last twelve months her practise has grown extensively; six months ago her paintings were taken on by Ava  Gallery and several paintings in Home Frame and Devonport Live Café in Plymouth.  Rosie was then invited to exhibit her work in her first art exhibition 'Abstract and Contemporary Art' at the Ava Gallery in December 2021.

Rosie is currently working on The Body Moving and Seasons series, and looks forwards to exploring them alongside a variety of plans for her art work in 2022. She is also placing her focus on developing her creative voice in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

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