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Rosie Perdikeas

Visual Artist

Welcome onboard my website! I work as a visual artist based in the south west of England, Plymouth. I describe my art work as performance on paper and it is rooted in the exploration of dance and movement through the human form and the natural world, including its everchanging landscapes and seasons. I love working with colour and mixed media applying abstract and expressionistic, intuitive concepts. My hope is  my art work will bring moments of exploration, curiosity and joy.


Artist Statement

Drawing on my rich dance background I am is fascinated by the infinite ways a body can move depending on internal and external stimulus and circumstance. My art work is informed from an intimate working knowledge of the body and its impulse to move, each move being unique to the mover and viewer, as experienced in live performance. I often work intuitively capturing the shape and dynamic of a movement or floor pattern expressed through the movement and choreography.

I have a deep love of colour and pattern and use them extemporaneously within my work, they express the exuberance and constant fascination I have with life and being alive.


I am currently working on two series The Body Moving and Seasons and Patterns and have a series of  paintings  exhibited in AVA Art Gallery in Plymouth.  I also have paintings exhibited in Home Frame, The Oxford Creative Hub and Devonport Live Cafe in Plymouth.

To learn more about my art, please browse my gallery and store. If you have a specific question please do get in touch:

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